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  1. ”When life gives you Lemons 🍋” - charms only
    Sold Out
  2. Cherry charms
  3. Click hoops (16mm)
  4. High quality click hoops (16mm)
  5. Click hoops (13mm)
  6. High quality click hoops (18mm)
  7. PRE-ORDER: Mindy in Emerald green, charms only
    Sold Out
  8. Textured hoops
  9. Pre-order: Avril in summer green, charm only
    Sold Out
  10. PRE-ORDER: Avril in Sky blue, charm only
    Sold Out
  11. DROP - Simple emerald
  12. Strawberry 🍓- charms only
    Sold Out
  13. Cantaloupe cluster 🍈 - charms only
    Sold Out
  14. PRE-ORDER: Avril in Gold, charm only
    Sold Out
  15. PRE-ORDER: Mindy in light rose, charms only
    Sold Out
  16. PRE-ORDER: Mindy in dark Fuchsia, charms only
    Sold Out
  17. Orange 🍊 - a pair of charms only
  18. Click hoops (20mm)