About me

It was the year 2012. I found some old acrylic beads and pearls lying around since I as a child was making some jewelry for fun. Something called Pinterest came into my life at this time and I found a lot of inspiring pictures of jewelry and I immediately started thinking "if they can create, I can create too!". I started making all kind of styles but I started to find a path towards seedbeaded jewelry. I made lots and lots of necklaces and bracelets and in october 2014 when I turned 18 I opened my first webshop on Etsy focusing on bracelets in natural materials such as different stone beads. I've been less or more active with jewelrymaking and I've also tried different projects outside beading ever since 2012. Somehow I've always returned to jewelrymaking. I made myself a small brand called Lovijsadesign in 2014 but in 2019 I felt like the name was a bit oldschool and I knew that I really wanted to keep on making jewelry and step my small projects up. Since 2019 my branding name is Lovanju - from the three first names I was given: LOVisa ANna JUlia.  

In spring 2020 when everything shut down in Finland due to the well-known coronavirus I finally decided to fulfill  a dream I had been carrying for a long time. I saw my chance to start my very own business and I created the registered company Lovanju. I've specialized into making earrings out of clay but I really like other materials as well. I absolutely love to work with personal orders and please send me a message down below if you are interested in designing something together with me! I'm so happy that you've found me and my creations and I look forward to see where this journey will take me!