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  • Handmade with love, by Lovisa

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Mindy is our most loved girl! She comes with a big sweetwaterpearl mixed with faceted, sparkly beads 💖 She is out absolute favorite and you need one of each colour in your closet 🫶🏻

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  1. PRE-ORDER: Mindy in Emerald green, charms only
  2. PRE-ORDER: Mindy in dark Fuchsia, charms only
  3. PRE-ORDER: Mindy in light rose, charms only
    Sold Out
  4. PRE-ORDER: Mindy in light purple, charms only
    Sold Out
  5. PRE-ORDER: Mindy in Fuchsia, charms only
  6. Mindy in ombre pink, charms only