Lovanju Jewelry

Every single piece of jewelry that I make is unique. Every woman in this world is unique. This means my brand and you is a perfect match. Every piece of jewelry I've made paired with a woman is a match made in heaven. 

Handmade is always better

The shape of Lovanju

A simple square. The minimalistic style can be seen in all of my jewelry, I like squares, they are uniform and not very complicated. 

Different materials

What materials can be seen in my jewelry? Mostly clay but I also love materials that aren't super expensive but still keeps the colour and quality. Stainless steel, raw brass and sterling silver are my favourites.

Polymer clay

Most of my jewelry is made from polymer clay. A super lightweight material with endless options. Clay should not however be bent or scratched and even though I love to take a dip in the pool, I always take my clay earrings off. 

Gift packaging available