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  • Handmade with love, by Lovisa

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  1. Tuscan blue: Drop charms (add hoops manually!)
  2. Tuscan blue: Oversized studs + beads
  3. Tuscan blue: Hexagon cluster
  4. Tuscan blue: Mother of pearl
  5. Cherry charms
  6. Shell necklace
  7. Mismatched gold filled threaders
  8. Crystal hoops
  9. Mismatched snowdrops
  10. Gingko hoops
  11. Cherry blossom cluster earrings
  12. Whimsical studs in off-white (gold)
  13. Whimsical studs in off-white (silver)
  14. Strawberry bubbles 🫧
  15. PRE-ORDER: Vintage: pink love, charms only
  16. Vintage: yellow love
    Sold Out
  17. Vintage: lime love
  18. Vintage: lime love set
  19. PRE-ORDER: Arya in pink, charm only
  20. Arya in Lingonberry, charm only
  21. Arya in blue, charm only
  22. Pre-order: Avril in summer green, charm only