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  • Handmade with love, by Lovisa

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Stainless steel jewelry

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  1. PRE-ORDER: Mindy in Emerald green, charms only
  2. Textured hoops
  3. High quality click hoops (16mm)
  4. Click hoops (16mm)
  5. Avril in Gold, charm only
  6. PRE-ORDER: Mindy in light rose, charms only
    Sold Out
  7. PRE-ORDER: Mindy in light purple, charms only
    Sold Out
  8. Mindy in dark Fuchsia, charms only
    Sold Out
  9. Avril in Sky blue, charm only
  10. Arrow hoops
  11. Diamond hoops
  12. Avril in summer green, charm only
    Sold Out
  13. PRE-ORDER: Mindy in Fuchsia, charms only
  14. Click hoops (13mm)
  15. PRE-ORDER: Cherry blossoms
  16. Dotted hoops
  17. Mindy in ombre pink, charms only
  18. High quality click hoops (18mm)