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  • Handmade with love, by Lovisa

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Lovanju Vintage

We’re not only buying new stuff to make jewelry from. We also buy beads second hand and mix them with modern or new findings to create something new from something old and not-so-loved. We know vintage is supposed to be 50 years old or older but it’s easiest for us to bring you this collection with the name vintage. Then you know your jewelry tells a long story since the beads has been handled by a lot more people than they would if we bought them straight from the manufacturer. 

We always tell you what beads in the jewelry are our vintage/second hand sourced beads 🫶🏻

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  1. Vintage: yellow love
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  2. PRE-ORDER: Vintage: pink love, charms only
  3. Vintage: lime love set
  4. Vintage: lime love