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Here you can find all of our beloved and stylish hoops. 

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  1. Click hoops (16mm)
  2. Textured hoops
  3. Click hoops (13mm)
  4. High quality click hoops (16mm)
  5. PRE-ORDER: 925 click hoops (13mm)
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  6. High shine 16mm click hoops (half round)
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  7. High quality click hoops (18mm)
  8. Dotted hoops
  9. Diamond hoops
  10. Arrow hoops
  11. High shine 16mm click hoops (round)
  12. Hexagon hoops
  13. Heart hoops
  14. Click hoops (17mm)
  15. Hexagon square hoops
  16. Click hoops (20mm)
  17. PRE-ORDER: 925 Click hoops (16mm)
  18. Starshine hoops
  19. Heart Click hoops (16mm)
  20. 925 thick hoops (15mm)